CDFIELD Problem. What is exact type?

According to the notes documentation, CDFIELD structure is as
typedef struct {
WSIG Header;
WORD Flags; /* Field Flags (see Fxxx) */
WORD DataType; /* Alleged NSF Data Type */
WORD ListDelim; /* List Delimiters (LDELIM_xxx and
LDDELIM_xxx) */
NFMT NumberFormat; /* Number format, if applicable */
TFMT TimeFormat; /* Time format, if applicable */
FONTID FontID; /* displayed font */
WORD DVLength; /* Default Value Formula */
WORD ITLength; /* Input Translation Formula */
WORD TabOrder; /* Order in tabbing sequence */
WORD IVLength; /* Input Validity Check Formula */
WORD NameLength; /* NSF Item Name */
WORD DescLength; /* Description of the item */
WORD TextValueLength; /* (Text List) List of valid text
values */
/* Now comes the variable part of the struct... */

Where DataType is defined as FIELD_TYPE_XXX. But in notes samples DataType is being used as TYPE_xxx. So, what is DataType really is? Isn't there any way to get FIELD_TYPE_XXX from CDFIELD or something else?
If I create a field of type Color in notes designer. I don't think there is a TYPE_xxx constant which can exactly define it (In my case using TYPE_xxx, it is bringing it as TEXT). If we can, please help me.

Thank in advance
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Not sure about C access but in the Notes design, you can get the design data of all fields, and that may help.

Are you using the Notes Design Client at all ?

If not you should, just for the testing and documentation options

I hope this helps !
prpradipAuthor Commented:
I didn't get your point.
In order to find out more about how Notes uses and gives access to design data of fields, you need to have the Notes Design client installed, or at least have access to the Design help, since it contains  information that may not be easily available elsewhere.

prpradipAuthor Commented:
Still I am unable to find out exact type. Notes designer contains a FIELD with type 'Color' but from API I am not being able to describe that field as 'Color'. I have used all CDEMBEDDEDCALCTL, CDEXT2FIELD, CDEXTFIELD and CDFIELD to describe that field as 'Color' but I am not being able to.
prpradipAuthor Commented:
I got it......I think CDExtField contains flags2 0x100080. Where 0x80 is Control and 0x100000 is COLOR although it is not documented.

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