Cannot Ping a PC in the Remote office

I am in Office A(subnet:, VPN gateway:;  I want to connect to a PC in Office B(subnet:, VPN gateway: Office B has another Internet gateway(, I found that, if this PC's gateway points to, I cannot Ping this PC from OfficeA. Why ?

Thanks for help.
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SteveNetwork ManagerCommented:
because they are 2 x different networks on different subnet masks..

if you get on the router itself can you ping the machines in the other network ?

if so, then you need to do a static route on both routers pointing to each other..

router 1
ip route

and on router 2
ip route

AaronZHUAuthor Commented:
hello PsychoFelix,
Is it correct :  ip route ?
or  ip route ?
SteveNetwork ManagerCommented:
according to what you wrote..

Office A is with gateway to internet of


Office B is with gateway to internet of

so the ip route should be for office B 'ip route

that should go on the default router of the workstations so in this case onto the device (whatever that is)..
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AaronZHUAuthor Commented:
if I configure the ip route like you said, whether I can Ping any PC in Office B even the PC's gateway is empty ?
SteveNetwork ManagerCommented:
no.. the PC's gateway HAS to be the router that you put the routes on..  

AaronZHUAuthor Commented:
To be clear , is just the Internet gateway, only this PC wants to connect to internet through, other PCs cannot. So this PC's gateway must be The problem is that I cannot Ping this PC because its gateway is not  .
SteveNetwork ManagerCommented:
sorry.. you'll need to draw a layout map and list what the components are..
AaronZHUAuthor Commented:
Now, PC1 wants to ping Proxy Server. How to do ?
AaronZHUAuthor Commented:
anybody help?
SteveNetwork ManagerCommented:
ahh.. diagram makes it better.. ok

reason is.. when you contact office PC its default gateway is its internet gateway router.. meaning ALL traffic is routed out to the internet..

you need that machine to route your local range back to the the vpn router2.. eg.. on each of the machines in OfficeB that need to connect back to OfficeA..

(assume windows xp)
c:> route add mask metric 1

then do a
c:>route print

to make sure the routes are now correct.. and you should be good to go..

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AaronZHUAuthor Commented:
Thanks .
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