Active directory problem

i had 2 computer and on 1 computer 1 have MS Windows 2003 Server i installed active directory by using these steps defined in this tutorial

after creation i join the  other computer to domain and create a  domain user for this computer not problem is when i try to make that user the local administrator on the other computer i cant see the domain name to search for the user instead i only saw the local computer name

the other problem is the domain user authentication is slow how to improve authentication processs
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bluntTonyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You must have had DNS setup correctly as you managed to join the domain in the first place. Looks like you're follwoing the correct process from your screenshot, you can't see the domain. This is usually DNS related.

Run ipconfig -all on the XP machine to ensure it's still using the domain controller as it's DNS server. Can you ping the domain controller from the client? Try by IP address and by DNS name.

Then disable windows firewall on both machines and try again. This is always the first port of call when I get these sorts of issues.

See if this helps.
dinokhanAuthor Commented:
here is snapshot to elelborate the problem

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
That doesn't elaborate the problem much - The system control panel has NOTHING to do with locating the domain/setting up a user as a local admin.

The articles you referenced do not appear to instruct you on the proper setup of DNS for the CLIENTS.  What is the clients DNS settings?  (It should point ONLY to the Server 2003 DC's DNS).
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dinokhanAuthor Commented:
thats is what i did in the above tutorial  select the option that that make this server the dns on this domain
 if u have any sugestion let me know how i succesfully make it posble to allow domain user to be part of local administative groups
kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
You are using two pc's pc is with win2003 server ( Active Directory + Integrated DNS server) & 2nd pc is configured with win2k3 domain controller.Now...>Check proeprly the network settings like static ip range /subnet mask / Gateway & DNS address.On win2k3 server DNS server Mangement console check the Forward lookup & Reverse lookup zones are properly configured and Primary DNS address should be self Static IP address of DNS server and ISP DNS address should be in Forwarders tab of DNS server MGMT console.And on 2nd desktop pc check the primary DNS address also win2k3 dns static IP address.

Now after this proper settings you created the user from Active  Directory users & computers and you want this user act as a local administrator of the 2nd pc.So you can login with local administrator on 2nd pc and rightclick to mycomuter>Manage>users & groups>rightclick to local admin user or other user who is local admin of the group and try to add the domain user in local administrator group at that time it propmts for the win2k administrator username & password.

More info also pls check:-

vijay kadadi
dinokhanAuthor Commented:
i had only on W2k3 machine the other machine is Xp  u can c in pic  the problem is still same the links is telling what i allready know
dinokhanAuthor Commented:
thanx BluntTony your answer helps in solving my problem
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