Command line XCOPY Exclude

I've got a batch file:
set SOURCE="C:\development\*.*"
REM set DEST="E:\development\"
set DEST="C:\Users\RENDER PC\Desktop\development\"
set EXCLUDEFILE="C:\development\EX.txt"


The EX.txt file contains the following entries

But it still copies .wav files to the destination.
Any ideas?
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Have you tried modifying your exclude file such that is reads


koossaAuthor Commented:

Just tried it, but still the same!
Is the exclude working for the orher file types you have listed or is it failing completely.
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koossaAuthor Commented:
I've spot check the destination folder on AVI
There are AVI files in the destination folder, but there are more AVI files in the source folder.
So I don't know why this is happening?
Hi, you have a discrepancy between the definition and the calling of a variable

set EXCLUDEFILE="C:\development\EX.txt"


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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Yep, that has to be the error. The exclude file works with simple string compare (case insensitive). And works pretty well for me.
koossaAuthor Commented:
Great, Thanks!!

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