powerbuilder , check datawindow status

suppose that we have a window that contains datawindow dw_1. suppose that the users starts entering data  and by mistake closes the window before save them. We want to send him a message indicating that the changes that he made will be lost.  we want deal with this issue in the following cases.

1) if the user enters data to store them in a new record (no retrieve has been done)
2) if the user retireves a record and correct some data in it

how can we do it?

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You can use  modifiedcount, getitemstatus function of datawindow to achieve this..see PB help for syntax and all.

write those scripts in closequery event of the window,

if something modified or added or deleted then put a messagebox and ask do you want to save changes,
then based on response save the datawindow and close or stop closing by returning 1 from closequery event.

You can do something like below in the closequery event of your window,

if dw_1.modifiedcount() > 0 and cb_save.enabled = true then // u can use getitemstatus fn also based on your requirement here
            li_i = MessageBox("title", "Do you want to save changes?",  &
                   question!, YesNocancel!, 2)
            choose case li_i
                  case 1
                  case 2
                  case 3
                        return 1
            end choose
end if

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To save the records that is deleted but not saved, you need to use deletedcount() also
If dw_1.modifiedcount() > 0 OR dw_1.deletedcount() > 0 Then
End If

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basilhs_sAuthor Commented:
thanks all for the reply. suppose that we do the save. will this event reset all the counters you mentioned ?
do we have to retrieve the data again?
yes it will reset the count. No need to retrieve the data again
to be more specific... there are two arguments in Update(). The second argument is to reset this flags. Default value is always TRUE and it will reset the counts. If it is FALSE then it won't reset.

see pb help for Update function, it's explained in detail there.

basilhs_sAuthor Commented:
thans very much
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