cannot change the way users log on

The "change the way users log on" is greyed out.
I know it has something to do with the NetGear wireless PCI card but cannot remember what the solution is?
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laguayoiiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
download the file to your hard drive and run it to reset the registry and fix this issue. After running the file, reboot your computer.
Have you got any security software fingerprint reader etc ?
tauro2Author Commented:
Hey thanks for the quick reply. No no fingerprint reader. I found out what it is though. Apparently the NetGear wireless PCI card installs a dll file registry entry called GINA.DLL. This disables the option tp change to the welcome screen and fast user switching. I managed to edit the registry and removed the dll key. Rebooted and now all is fine.
Thank you for your imput on this matter.
This may happen if NetWare protocols are installed on your client. uninstall the protocol if you do not require!!

got to control panel à network connections à select NetGear wireless PCI à go to properties à uninstall the client for netware option

Plz revert with the results

tauro2Author Commented:
Hi, Thanks for the tip regarding the Netware option.
I didn't try that asI have resolved the issue.
Have come across this a few times so I will keep that in mind.
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