McAfee blocking SMTP traffic from Veritas

Hi There,

We are experiencing difficulties after deploying McAfee Virusscan 8.7 (Using ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0) to our backup server.  Basically we should receive notifications from Veritas Backup Exec that say if our backup has completed or failed.

We know that McAfee is blocking the SMTP traffic generated by Veritas because the moment we turn off virus protection locally on the backup server email notifications work again.

My question is - Is there a way to configure EPO to allow the SMTP traffic only (Or even just a policy across the board!) from the backup server?  I would prefer to do it in EPO as I have to learn the product and I can think of no better way than to get stuck in :)

Your help would be gratefully appreciated
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Yes, nice and simple....

On the backup server right click the VirusScan icon (probably got a red box around it) and choose Open Access Protection Logfile.

If it's not red, then open the Virusscan console and right click Access Protection to open the log file

Once you got that, you can see which files have been blocked from sending SMTP email under the rule : Prevent Mass Mailing Worms

Once you've identified the process (exe file), you need to log in to ePO and then modify the VirusScan Access Protection policy that applies to the machine....

I'd suggest that you find the machine in ePO and then choose the option to "Modify the Policies on a single system", create a new policy from the Default policy, Make sure you select Server from the dropdown and then choose Access Protection, Prevent Mass Mailing worms and add the exe that you find in the log to the exclusion list, save the policy, and schedule an agent wake up call for the machine to come and get the policy

If you're to keen to wait, then on the backup server, open up a command prompt

cd \
cd Program Files
cd McAfee
cd Common File
cmdagent /s

Then click the Check New Policies button

Hey presto.....job done



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dgi001Author Commented:
Worked a treat thank you
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