How do we deploy the "Offline App Plug-in 5.1" via Web Interface 5.x ?

I am trying to deploy the latest plug-in for offline applications, version 1.3.1 now known as 5.1

Unlike version 1.3, this package comes as an MSI rather than EXE.

I succesfully deployed 1.3 by placing the EXE as "C:\Program Files\Citrix\Web Interface\5.1.1\Clients\Streaming\XenAppStreaming.exe"

I tried placing the MSI as "C:\Program Files\Citrix\Web Interface\5.1.1\Clients\Streaming\XenAppStreaming.msi" and restarting IIS, but the Web Interface didn't detect or use the MSI.

Any ideas on how I tell the Web Interface to deploy the new version of this plug-in?

(Server 2003 SP2 32 bit, Web Interface 5.1.1, XenApp 5.0)
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You also have EXE file of 1.3.1 version on the same web site that is one week old. give it a try
Check for the below link and download - Offline app plug-in 5.1.
dpetr000Author Commented:
Guys, thanks for at least looking at the Citrix Download site.  Unfortunately, I failed to mention that the site SHOWS an .EXE download, but if you actually download the file it is an MSI.

That discrepancy alone might be enough for me to open a Support Case with Citrix.
dpetr000Author Commented:
I have tested a workaround that will function:
in WebInteface.conf, uncomment modify the following line to reflect .MSI instead of .EXE

# ClientStreamingWin32=Filename:XenAppStreaming.exe,Directory:Streaming,Mui:Yes,ClassID:4384F3C5-4A9E-4E81-9AAE-4251C2813861

We are waiting for an official fix from Citrix to resolve this in a supportable way.

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dpetr000Author Commented:
Here is the official response to my support case with Citrix. I personally don't find this to be a solution since they are basically saying that you have to manually modify Web Interface files to deploy the latest plug-in.

I was just informed that the offline app plugin will remain an msi file and we will not making the client into a .exe file. We have reported the error on our website and that will be corrected. Also further information on this can be found in the Web Interface 5.1 Administration Guide in the chapter regarding Configuring Sites Using the Configuration File
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