Move Dynamics GP to another server.

We have a Dynamics GP implementation that we would like to copy to another server.  Copying the sql database is easy enough but how do I copy the custom forms and triggers on the GP server?  These are Dexterity forms.  Is it just a matter of moving the .dic files?
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James GlaubigerConnect With a Mentor Co-FounderCommented:
If you have access to Microsoft Customer Source you will want to look at the following KB article for step by step detailed instructions: "How to transfer an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Small Business Financials, or Microsoft Small Business Manager installation to a new server that is running Microsoft SQL Server"   KB 878449

The basic steps are:

1) Backup all databases on old server (DYNAMICS, Company db's)

2) Export user accounts from Master db using script provided in KB article Capture_Logins.sql

3) Export all SQL Server Agent Jobs and Operators

4) Move backups, exports, and Reports.dic, Forms.dic to your new server

5) Install SQL and GP onto the new server (remember to apply all the same service packs to GP that you had installed on the old server)

6) Restore databases from backups

7) Run exported scripts to restore your user accounts, jobs and operators

8) Run the Dex_Req.sql script against the Master database. Run the Grant.sql script against the Dynamics database and against all company databases.  (these scripts can be found in the KB article or in the GP Code Folder\SQL\Util directory)

9) Run sp_changedbowner on all restored databases setting owner to "dynsa" account

10) Place your Reports.dic and Forms.dic into the correct location (which may be a UNC network share) and remap Dynamics.set to point to these files)

11) Make sure you have your ODBC setup to point to the instance of SQL for GP

12) Login to GP Utilities to make sure everything is working correctly, then launch into GP if no errors.

good luck.  If you run into any issues post back here.
b_levittAuthor Commented:
This pretty much did it.  Thanks opster.
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