Missing files after publish web site from VS2008

When I 'Publish web site ' In VS2008, it says "Build succeeded", but when I view the site in FTP there are files missing.

Its very much intermittent and (allways different files). Sometimes all the dll's are missing, sometimes not. usually only about a quarter of the  .aspx files are present.

- I have deleted the temporary VS cache files
- It only happens when I deploy over the Internet (WAN) - NOT when publishing to my internal staging server (LAN),
 - I got around this by FTPing the site from the staging server, but its not ideal.

Not much on Google - please help!
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The problem that might be the cause of you is that the website is not stopped before the update takes place. Normally, I believe that the Publish button is used, that should be taken care off, but apparently it isn't, which is why some files are in use and the full update of the site does not work well.

Personally, for live websites (production servers) I have abandoned the publish button, because of two reasons: it takes too long, sometimes more then 20-fold the FTP time, and it makes mistakes when the website cannot be stopped.

I understand that you would want to use the feature of Visual Studio. My recommendation is to use the App_Offline.htm file (place it in the root of your website and your website goes immediately offline). You can copy it there using a pre-build step when publishing, or, safer, using normal FTP (you can put the command in a batch file for easy use).

To check whether this story holds for your situation, place the App_Offline.htm with a nice message inside the root directory and try publishing again. After publishing, don't forget to remove the App_Offline.htm again.

-- Abel --

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Although I didnt actually stop the site, I will try this next time I try to upload.
It took me 4.5 hours today and 9 attempts, so I dont want to try again unless I need to.

More facts:
- I published yesterday without any problems and I didnt stop it then.
- There is nobody using the site yet.
- Also, the App_Offline.htm already gets created by VS when I publish.
- During my 9 attempts today I was manually deleting ALL the files by FTP before publishing.
astromexAuthor Commented:
You probably noticed I responded with my gjok account. This is my personal account and the Astromex is for Work. Sorry if that was confusing!
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astromexAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I tried it and it seemed to work. Intermittent problems are the worst kind.
That last point seems scary... You accepted the question, you mean you got it resolved? tx for the pintes, but sounds like you're still having a problem.
> I tried it and it seemed to work. Intermittent problems are the worst kind.

(we cross-posted, seemed that I just missed you). Glad it works now. Iirc, the app_offline.htm is not uploaded timely as you cannot control the order in which things are uploaded by Publish...
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