Configure SNMP on a ESX 3.0 box

I was wondering if someone could guide me through the process to configure SNMP on a ESX box after it has been deployed.
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haeussleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd try this first
I know you can open SNMP in the firewall through the VIC. Login to the ESX box with the VIC
Select the Configuration Tab and select Security Profile  under software. Click "Properties" on the firewall and check "SNMP Server" This is the same as doing esxcfg -firewall -e snmpd which you'll see below. If you can't connect through Public you might need to login as root and edit the snmpd.conf file and start the service.

For ESX 3.5 you need to do a few things
Enable it in the firewall
Login as root
esxcfg -firewall -e snmpd
--- Make sure it comes on at reboot
chkconfig snmpd on
--- Start / Restart service
service snmpd start

You also need to edit
Find the line
cocommunity public
Change public to your community string.

Here is a web link with the same stuff

You can not do SNMP with ESXi - You can only use Traps.
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