CAG citrix Superserver setup

I was given a Citrix CAG (SYS-5013C-M, SuperServer 5013C-M (Beige)).

When first booting the CAG I got the error of sdconf.rec file missing (no Boot). I assumed that the server had been wiped so I downloaded the from the drivers & utilities the downloads for 2003 server. I installed 2003 R2 and Driver successfully.  
I then logon to my Citrix for install docs, software, and licenses.  

This is were I start to get confused about setup of this device. From the doc and software on the on the SupperSever site I should setup the this box as a regular server with Citrix software loaded on it just like any other server. The Citrix site gave images for CD that when I put it in it rebooted the server and tried to install Linux.  Now the error is back.

The install docs from Citrix asked to do the following:
(AG_GettingStarted)  file from citrix

To enable Advanced Access Control
1. On the Access Gateway Cluster tab, open an Access Gateway window and
click the Advanced Options tab.
2. Do one of the following:
" If the Access Gateway is going to be configured using the
Administration Tool, select The Administration Tool and then click
" If the Access Gateway is going to be configured using the Access
Management Console, select Advanced Access Control. Continue
with Steps 3 through 7.
3. In Server running Advanced Access Control, type the IP address or
FQDN of the server that is running Advanced Access Control.
4. To encrypt communication between the Access Gateway and the server
running Advanced Access Control, select Secure server communication.
5. Click Submit.
The server or servers that are configured to connect to the Access Gateway are
listed in Servers Running Advanced Access Control. To remove a server from
the list, select the server and then click Remove.

Now is this on a second server I need to install Citrix 4.5 to control the CAG. And if that is it, Why do I need it 2003 can be installed in the CAG + Citrix?
Then the doc from citrix ask me to:
Setting Up the Access Gateway Hardware
This section provides procedures for setting up the Access Gateway for the first
time. For more information about the materials and equipment needed to set up
the Access Gateway, see Getting Ready to Install the Access Gateway on page
To physically connect the Access Gateway
1. Install the Access Gateway in a rack if it is rack-mounted.
For more information about installing the Access Gateway in a rack, see
Installing the Access Gateway in a Rack on page 31.
2. Connect the power cord to the AC power receptacle.
3. Connect either the serial cable to a Windows computer, a cross-over cable
to a Windows computer, or an RJ-45 network cable to a network switch and
the Access Gateway.
4. Configure the TCP/IP settings using the instructions in Configuring TCP/
IP Settings for the Access Gateway on page 19.
Configuring TCP/IP Settings for the Access Gateway
The preconfigured IP address of the Access Gateway is You can
change the IP address using a serial cable and a terminal emulation program, or
by connecting the Access Gateway using network cables and the Administration

Access Gateway connection options using a cross-over cable, a network switch, or a serial
cable and terminal emulation

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Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
I did the same thing. there are 2 componants to access gateway with advanced access controls. The Advanced access control is a seperate server from the actual access gateway your using the super micro for.
The CAG install is lynux and you use a serial connection to monitor the install after you put the cd in. once the install is complete you can use an IE browser to manage the Access Gateway as per the admin guide.

This might help explain the super micro a bit..
Here is a link for some clips of the installation.

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