ftpserver config for IP phone accessing remote network w/VLAN over VPN

We are going to use DHCP for some new IP phones that will be connected to the HQ network via a hardware VPN.  The HQ network uses a VLAN to keep all phone traffic separated, but the VLAN will not be usable over the VPN.

I just have one question.
The DHCP scope in HQ has the following option, which tells the phones where to get their config & firmware from:


Since we are not using VLANs at the two remote sites, I set the scope option to:

Since I am shipping the phones to a site with no technical staff, We just need to confirm if that is correct.


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getzjdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why would you set option 150?  No tftp is needed with shoretel phones.  Shoretel you setup the following DHCP option...

Setup option 156   ftpservers=xxx.xx.xxx.xx, country=1, language=1, layer2tagging=0, vlanid=1

Technically it should ignore the vlanid after the layer2tagging is set to 0 but the specified syntax is correct.

Just make sure you setup the IP Phone Map to map the IP address range that those phones will pull to a specified site.

Yes that is correct as long as the IP Phpnes can reach the ftpserver once they have a address from the remote sites subnets, you will be fine
You need to configure the dhcp server at the remote location to provide the tftp   address (option 150) of the location where the config are located.  If you are setting up the phones manually you will need to configure the option manually and make sure the phone have an IP on thier local LAN (remote site) that will allow them to talk to the local LAN (remote site) router.  Make sure the local site router can communicate to the sever that hond the config and the PBX.  You might want to test connectivity on the local site with the ftpserver/tftp server by remoting to a computer at the site the phones are going to.  

Remember that the phone have to be configure to work on the network where they will reside.  They should not be configured for the headquarter network.  If the local LAN (remote site) have vlan then you need VLAN setting for the phone.  If it doesn't have vlan then none is needed.  The sites just have to be able to communicate over the VPN to the VLAN that have the ftpserver.  The routing to the vlan where the ftpserver reside is handled by the hardware device (router, switch, vpn device, etc).
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