How do I add a redirect a .mht

We are migrating serveral .mht files into a new SharePoint site and i need to redirect visitors to the new file locations.  How do I add a 15 sec redirect to an .mht file?  
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irf44zConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can add the following inside the <HEAD> tag within the MHT file.

<META http-equiv=3Drefresh content=3D15;url=3D>

This redirect to after 15  (th3 15 in 3D15) seconds.

If you see junk characters when you open the MHT in a  text editor (notepad, textpad, etc) for editing, rename the extension from .mht to .zip, extract the contents, update the HTML file to add the above mentioned META tag, zip it back and change the extension to .mht.

Hope I didn't confuse you.
michael_j_shannonAuthor Commented:
Work perfectly. Thanks for a quick and easy to understand anwer.
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