Protection against VPN connections, Witopia, Hotspot Shield etc

Given that it's hard to take the install applications rights away from my users, from their assigned workstations, what's the easiest mechanism to block connections initiated by Hotspot Shield and Witopia etc.

We have an internal proxy (webwasher) which is defined as proxy for all users and also have ASA 5520 beyond it. I need to define mechanism to detect and terminate the connections emanating off HotSpot Shield other VPNs off my workstations?

I can block launching of hotspot.exe from my GPO but user can easily bypass it by renaming the file.

Any other clues?
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Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
usually they have a limited number of "must contact" IP addresses - those vary from app to app, but if you get a copy, install it, then see where it connects to, eventually you can access control list entries for them all, one by one, until the app stops connecting.
Set up your ASA5520 to force all outbound HTTP/S traffic thru your webwasher proxy, then drop in a 'default deny' policy on the inside interface. This will effectively block all outbound connections unless you explicitly allow them in the ACL. Bear in mind this means you'll need to create new rules for approved services, and you need to review your business needs carefully to ensure you have everything opened you need for normal operations, but it will block these apps from 'phoning home'. You'll still have some get through, mainly those who use HTTP/S as a transport mechanism - but you'll get most of the junk.

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SwiftAuthor Commented:
Would appreciate if one of you can host the latest HotSpot shield file somewhere so that I can evaluate the ports it uses.
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