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Add NTFS Folder Permissions

I have a server 2003 network with user home directories set up. There is a folder called users and inside that are induvidual folders for each user.

What I need to do is add the group IT to all users folders with full control without changing the existing permissions on the users folder of %username% - full control, domain admins - full controll and system - full control.

I have added IT - Full Control to the Root Users folder, but this is only working for new users.

Can anyone help???
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1 Solution
On the server, open a command prompt and enter
cacls "D:\Data\Users" /t /e /g "%Userdomain%\IT":F
Replace "D:\Data\Users" with the actual path to the users root folder (you can leave "%Userdomain%" as it is).
/t will traverse subdirectories, /e will edit the ACLs (instead of replacing them), /g will grant the group Full permissions.
andrewjones1987Author Commented:
i keep getting an error after processing some files ( look at bottom):

processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02abubakarmuhammad\Sounds\thump.ogg
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02abubakarmuhammad\Sounds\wind1.wav
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\.CFUserTextEncoding
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\.DS_Store
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\.lpoptions
processed dir: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\.TemporaryItems
processed dir: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\.Trash
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\._.TemporaryItems
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\._image of my artist
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\._press release
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\15 STUDENTS MATHS.xls
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\2 gd.bmp
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\A Level Psychology Revis
ion Sites.doc
processed file: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002\02AdamFouda\Aiming for 13 - 15 Marks
 in Analysis Section.doc
The data area passed to a system call is too small.
That can happen if the path length exceeds 250 characters. Assumig that the permissions are correct now until the AD2002 folder, try the following:

subst X: D:\StudentHomeDrives\AD2002
cacls "X:\" /t /e /g "%Userdomain%\IT":F

"subst" will create a substituted drive letter for the path given; you can of course change the X: to any other free drive letter; this shortens the path length a bit.
To remove the substituted drive again, run
subst X: /d
andrewjones1987Author Commented:
thank you
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