With C# How to detect that code is exec in IDE of VS 2008 ?

Hi experts!

  Im using C# 2008 , WinForm NET 2. And get this strange behavior:
I have a form  called CommonForm.cs. And have other form, which are inheriting this form, I mean public partial class frmCamp : CommonForm

 I put command to Form Load of CommonForm.cs. Some commands are OK, but when I put one command which open Datareadear from SQL Server I get strange behavior.

 I get error message in Designer when try to show form design of frmCamp which call FormLoad of CommonForm.cs. This is for all form which are based on CommonForm. Message is: Connection property has not been initialized and I can not see design of my form at all.  When I remove code from FormLoad CommonForm.cs which open DataReadear error message disaper.

 Look like Im in desing mode to create forms, but I face with real execution of FormLoad of CommonForm and get this error message bacuse connection is not Open. I open it on other class, when Im in run mode it is OK.

 So question is: how can I detect that my program is under Design mode of IDE of VS2008 and to stop execituon ? I mean somethin like this:

        public static bool bBlockFunction()

            If (bISDesignModeOFIDE) return false;

            string SQL = "SELECT CanLog,GroupCanLog,bEnable,LUpd,Info FROM dbo.qryLogOn WHERE UserID=" + g.UP.UserID ;

            SqlDataReader reader = gDs.GetReader(SQL, g.PR, 0);

            using (reader)
                    if (!g.bVar(reader["CanLog"]) )
                    { g.Msg("You personal account  i



Or - second option - how to tell to IDE that this is nor citical error and to show me design of form ??? In general problem is that I can not see design of my form after this error message.
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you can use this.DesignMode

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You can use the following:

if(this.DesignMode) {    // inside design mode}
it will work in a user control and inside a form.
ha able - beat you to it this time :)
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You could try testing if you are in Debug mode or not.

Note that you will need to your EXE to be a Release version.

    Console.WriteLine("Debug version");

Open in new window

> second option - how to tell to IDE that this is nor citical error and to show me design of form ???

you can always put in a try/catch and just continue. Put the expected error in the catch clause. However, be aware that you will also catch a legitimate error in runtime, so I would not recommend that approach.
> ha able - beat you to it this time :)
haha, indeed ;-)
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