How do I control outbound IPs?

I have a need to control which IP my outbound connections come FROM. For the curious, amazon limits 1 call/sec/IP and I have unused external IPs I want to exploit. Right now I have static NAT setup for each machine but I'd like the machine to be able to make connections on the unused IPs. I think Global is kinda close but it still seems random.  Any pointers?  

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The only thing you can possibly do is create a global pool and remove the statics. This won't necessarily mean that any one internal host will get a different outside IP address, but generally speaking, all addresses in the pool will get used in sequence, per internal host. Once all the existing connections time out, the number goes back in the pool.
So theoretically, the same internal host could go out as any of the pool IP's.
The bad thing is that you cannot use both static and dynamic at the same time. Any internal host with a static will always only use that static as it goes out.
pixnewbieAuthor Commented:
Hmmm, that's the way I was reading everything too. I was hoping I was wrong.

Could I setup multiple IPs on the hosts and use statics to map each one under software control?
You can assign a Windows PC up to 5 different IP addresses and map each one to a different public IP. I'm not sure how you control which IP address is used as the source from the PC side of it.

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pixnewbieAuthor Commented:
That part I do know.  ;)  tks for saving me from a deadend.
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