FATAL ERROR: Unhandled access violation when launching Autocad

Hello, I have a client that is running Autocad LT 2008. Every time he attempts to launch the application, he gets the following error:

FATAL ERROR: Unhandled access violation reading 0x76b00044 Exception at 76b00044h"

After the error pops up, he is kicked out of Autocad. Restoring his system to the last known good configuration fixes the problem but only for a few days and then the issue comes back. He is running Windows XP Pro SP2. Any help would be appreciated.
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StarfishTechAuthor Commented:
I also noticed that when I use the system restore, it tells me that software distribution service 3.0 ran several times that night. I think that day was the last day that Autocad ran fine.
I've never had good luck with System Restore and never use it.

Try logging into the system with a different user account and see if the problem is a system specific issue or a user profile issue. If it's specific to that user, the quickest thing (most likely) is to have a new Windows profile created for this user as opposed to trying to fix it.

You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling the .Net framework. If you remove version 2, reinstall versino 2. Version 3 won't work for applicaitons requiring version 2. etc. Replace each version you remove.
We have had limited success repairing. If all else fails uninstall and then reinstall new (AutoCAD that is).
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StarfishTechAuthor Commented:
We checked the pc that this was on. We looked thru the microsoft update and uninstalled KB959426. After uninstalling this update and rebooting, Autocad launched on the pc.
What's the update do?
Did you still need assistance with this issue? Let us know and we'll try to help out. OTherwise, you cal request the issue be closed as you solved it yourself, or just "Accept" your own response as the accepted answer to close the issue,
Unhandled exception errors point to your .NET Framework.

First please performe a clean uninstall off AutoCAD 2008

Now please uninstall .NET framework

Please go into Add/remove programs

and uninstall all .NET versions.

(Start with the latest and go all the way to .NET 1.0)

When you put in the AUtoCAD DVD to reinstall it will reinstall .NET for you.

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This is very dangerous advice. Each program is written with a specific .Net version in mind. If the utoCAD version being used uses .Net 2.0 and you uninstall .Net 2.0, yes, reinstalling AutoCAD should put it back on. However, if you have any other application that uses any other .Net version, you'll break those application unless you also put back the .Net versions those program used.

It's best to remove and then reinstall ALL the .Net versions you removed unless you're absolutely certain that they are no longer used by any other applicaiton.
Hello Darrenmcwi,

Thanks Darrenmcwi
Sorry i was not clear in the message.  I should have first written to make sure that there was no other .NET framework software's on the machine.  The latest version of .NET framework is 3.5 Service Pack 1

All Autodesk products are based off the .NET framework.  I have seen numerous issues dealing with the .NET crashing and giving fatal errors.

When you uninstall AutoCAD 2009 LT and uninstall all of the .NET framework when you put in the AutoCAD 2009 :LT dvd the first thing it checks for is your version of .NET.  2009 works off of the 3.0 .NET.  When you put in DVD 1 of AutoCAD 2009 LT the .NET installation will automatically reinstall.

If you do have any other products requiring the latest version of .NET which is 3.5 sp1 you can download it from


The 2010 Autodesk products work off of .NET 3.5
The 2009 Autodesk product work off of .NET 3.0
The 2008 Autodesk Product work off of .NET 2.0

Sorry for the misunderstanding hopefully this clears up the issue :)

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