Need a SQL query please

I have a table of servers that includes a field for a datestamp that indicates when the information was updated.  I then have a table full of drive information that also includes historical data from all previous updates.  I need the SUM of LogicalDriveSize and LogicalDriveFreeSpace, but only for the dates that are in the ServerData table.  Does this make since?  Basically it needs to select every record from the ServerDataLogicalDrives table that has a matching ServerName and ExportTime in the ServerData table, then sum the two mentioned fields.
Table: ServerDataLogicalDrives
Fields: ExportTime, LogicalDriveSize, LogicalDriveDriveFreeSpace
Table: ServerData
Fields: ServerName, ExportTime

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CerixusAuthor Commented:
Bah, I may have just got it.  Can anyone verify?

SELECT     SUM(ServerDataLogicalDrives.LogicalDriveSize) AS GlobalDriveSize, SUM(ServerDataLogicalDrives.LogicalDriveFreeSpace)
                      AS GlobalDriveFreeSpace
FROM         ServerDataLogicalDrives INNER JOIN
                      ServerData ON ServerDataLogicalDrives.ServerName = ServerData.ServerName AND ServerDataLogicalDrives.ExportTime = ServerData.ExportTime
Looks OK to me. I would just suggest you use Alias to make the query more readable.

SELECT  SUM(a.LogicalDriveSize) AS GlobalDriveSize, 
	SUM(a.LogicalDriveFreeSpace) AS GlobalDriveFreeSpace
FROM ServerDataLogicalDrives a
INNER JOIN ServerData b ON a.ServerName = b.ServerName AND a.ExportTime = b.ExportTime

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