How can I clone drive from a Raid 1 array to larger drives - upgrade capacity

Hello all, I have a server that current has 2 Raid 1 120GB drives off a Adaptec Serial ATA Hostraid.  The client currently has 8GB free on it and stores alot of pictures so I want to upgrade to 2 500GB drives that we have.  

Can I just pull out one of the drives, clone it using Acronis True Image to the larger 500GB drive put it back into the server with the other 500GB drive and it should rebuild no?

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You already have good tool which is Acronis, but what version? Just make sure it supports raid array before doing anything.
I guess that you dont want reinstall everything so you want clone it to new bigger drive. If I do, I will create an image of current OS and applications into a DVD type but if you want to create image into usb hard drive (if this is case, you have to make sure your system supports to boot from usb first).
If you create image in DVD, test them after clone to make sure they are bootbale and install-able. Then, break the array, install new bigger drives, create new raid array, and clone the image to that.
Fluid_ImageryAuthor Commented:
The Raid1 arrray is just data, with bunch of shares and permission

I just want to upgrade the capacity, so I figured I could copy the data from 1 drive to the new drive, put it into the raid array with just 1 drive, plug the other one in and let it rebuild
Whenever you break the raid array, the data in it will be gone! SO back up data to safe place.
You just can not put new bigger drive into current raid and expect the capacity will be bigger. How much the capacity on old drive will appear exactly on new drive no matter how big new drive is. And then, you will have to third party tool to resize the partition to make more room (remember, resize the C partition as it is boot and system partition is not easy ..... some people suggested gpart ... so make sure you want to go that routing).

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Fluid_ImageryAuthor Commented:
This is just the D drive, no OS is on it.  

My exact steps that I had picture -

1 - Pull out a drive in the raid 1 array
2 - Use acronis for Disk Management > Clone Disk
This will give me all the data onto the new drive, but with the extra space - or resize if needed (usually not)
3 - Remove the 2nd drive from the raid 1 array
4 - Boot up machine to make sure data is on the drive
5 - Restart machine, put in 2nd drive, enter Raid Management and Rebuild
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