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i have a mac with two users.
mac is keep talking for one user even though the system pref-universal - voice turned off.
it does not talk to other user on same mac.
i also noticed a square box in all application for that user.
it does not happen to other user on same mac.
how do i fix this?
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str8edgepunkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like that person has speakable items turned on.  To turn it off, go to System Preferences and click on the Speech System Preference located in the System section.  Then you should see a Speech Recognition tab near the top.  Press that and then you will see a radio button to turn speakable items off.  Also while you're at it, click the Text to Speech tab and make sure that the Announce and Speak options are turned off as well.
pdsmicroAuthor Commented:
Thank you .
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