OWA 2000 Some Users Get HTTP 403 Forbidden Error

Some of my users who try to access their email through OWA get a HTTP 403 Forbidden Error.

I have reviewed the users security against mine to see if anything stood out as a potential solution but security settings seemed to be ok.

Any idea's on what might cause some users to be denied while it works for others?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Oh, we are currently running MS Server 2000, MS Exchange 2000 with Windows XP machines and IE 7.

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pcorbettConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you checked to see if OWA is disabled for those users?  Here's a page that can hellp with that showing you how to disable/enable OWA per user or per server.
Here's a copy/paste of part of that page:

Disabling Outlook Web Access for a specific user

As I mentioned previously, OWA is enabled by default for all Exchange users. You can, however, disable OWA for a specific user if you need to. In this way, other users can still use OWA unaffected. To disable OWA for a specific user, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers.

2. If not already select, enable Advanced Features by clicking View | Advanced Features.

3. Expand the nodes until you have located the user of concern.
4. Right-click the user and select Properties.
5. Switch to the Exchange Advanced tab and click the Protocol Settings button.
6. From the Protocols page, click HTTP.
7. From the HTTP Protocols Detail page, deselect the Enable for mailbox setting, as shown in Figure 7.
8. Close out all properties pages and the Active Directory Users and Computers console.
canuck_nateAuthor Commented:
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Other people (on other sites) sent me to the server side instead of to the advanced properties in AD. My boss is now happy, therefore I can enjoy the rest of my day.
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