Date Time Picker as dropdown

Hello Experts,

Does anyone know how to do a date time picker as a dropdown control?  In a way that VB handles DTPicker.

I'm trying to use the <OBJECT id=Calendar1> ActiveX, but I don't think that you can collaps it as a dropdown?

Thank you.
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Not quite...  I need it for classic ASP / HTML.
For example, in VB, using Microsoft's DTPicker control, I did the attached snapshot.  It looks like a dropdown, but when you click the down arrow, it xpands to a calendar, and when you click on a date or else where, it collapses back to a droppdown.

I cant take credit for this but I think its what you are looking for.

Its done in Javascript.

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Don't know if this will help your situation, but in a C++ project (using MFC) I was able to create my own true combobox / date picker control.  It allowed you to manually key a date or alternately click the dropdown button to display a calendar like you show.

Basically, I started with a combobox.  But I then intercepted the dropdown command to hide/display a CMonthCalCtrl control in a new popup window.  I also had to override the CMonthCalCtrl KillFocus command to cause the combobox to act like someone clicked the drowdown again to hide the calandar control.
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