How clone/copy CD on an iMac?

I just purchased a new iMac.  It, of course, only has 1 drive.

How do I copy/clone a data cd that I own?

I would prefer NOT to spend any more money.

I do have Toast Basic by the way but I was seeing if there was a built-in Mac way...
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LynchburgComputingTechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If so.. Burn is an open source burning software.

Toast should be able to select the source and destination as the same drive.  It will then take the info and write it to a temporary ISO on your hard drive, then it will ask for the blank and burn the CD.
RobertNZanaAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  But "I was seeing if there was a built-in Mac way"....
Would you be open to a free burning software that does it or are you looking strictly nothing but OSX?
Just copy the data to a folder in Finder. Eject the CD and insert a blank CD, drag the files to the blank CD in finder and hit the burn button.
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