DNS Aging / Scavenging win2003

Please share yr experience for the following.
1. If i want aging / scavenging for both forward and reverse zone, i have to do it individually on both zone. Am i correct??
2. I am not too sure about the time stamp comparison mechanism of DDNS update. Would someone share yr experience
3. The forward zone contains both DDNS A record and manaully added A record for Server.  Scavenging would not change/remove/update anything for manaully added A record for server. Am i correct?
Gordon TinIT ManagerAsked:
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

1. Yes. You can set a default aging setting on the server level which will apply to all zones on the server, but it amounts to the same thing.

2. The time stamp is added when a record is created or refreshed.

Technically it's the number of hours since 01/01/1601 00:00:00, but is pretty easily converted into a real date.

The Scavenging process will remove any record which has a time stamp older than both of the Refresh Intervals. If your Refresh Intervals total up to 12 days that means a record has to exist, without being refreshed, for 12 days before it can be scavenged.

3. Correct. Scavenging only effects records which have Time Stamp values, manually created records do not and are not touched by Scavenging.


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