open yahoo attachment and view NOT save

In yahoo, everytime I get an attachment, it makes me save it.  How can I click on the attachment and then it opens up?
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al4629740Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No, it makes me download only....

When I download a message using yahoo email it prompts me whether I would like to open or download. This is because I set it up this way in my browser. Tell me which browser you are using and I will tell you how to set this up.
al4629740Author Commented:
I have ie7 and also google chrome

I use IE7 and Firefox but do not use Google Chrome. However, I did try to test the downloading of attachments from yahoo. Even if I modify the settings in both browsers within yahoo if I click on an attachment. The file is then scanned for viruses. Once done, a download file link appears. When I click on this link I get both options to run or save. Do you not get these options?
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