Customize hash packet size for ftp

The ftp hash command prints a # for every packet downloaded. However  I have seen that there are different packet sizes used (1024 or 2048 bytes) across platforms which renders tracking the ftp progress inconsistent.
As we use ftp to download large files in the background I need to track download progress, and counting the number of #'s appeared the best solution.
Is there a command in ftp that allows you to define the packet size for the hash command?
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IIRC the hash size is unqiue to each ftp client and some clients don't have the hash command.

So as long as you use the same client every time you should know how many bytes each hash mark represents.

What ftp client are you using?
valerieschupbachAuthor Commented:
The ftp.exe.
Platforms are win2k, winxp, vista and currently win7 (rc1).
The difference appears to be between vista and xp/win7.
Do you mean that the packet size is built-in and cannot be changed?  In that case I will need to find out the platform of the customer and derive the size from that?
It's not a packet size, it a counting size and it is determined by whomever wrote the ftp client.

If you have something that is trapping and counting the hash sizes, then you should also be able to trap the message when you issue the hash command and see what each hash represents.

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