Excel 2007 Pivot Table Grand Total for Calculated Field


I have a pivot table with a calculated field which multiplies two other fields together.  Due to the nature of calculated fields, my Grand Total row is displaying the product of the sums of the items.  I want it to display the sum of the products.  Here's what I'm getting

                   Sum of    Sum of       Sum of                    
Item              Qty          Price          Sales (Calculated Field Qty * Price)
1                     2             1                  2
2                     4             1.5               6
3                     6             3                 18
Grand Total    12           5.5              66

I want the Sum of Sales column's Grand Total to be 26.


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Could you possibly copy the sheet into a new workbook and post it so I can have a look?
JasonScarbroughAuthor Commented:
I saved this as .xls 97-2003 from 2007 and got compatibility warnings, so I hope it works.  It's pretty basic though.  I just threw it together to demonstrate the problem.
Jerry PaladinoCommented:
Calculated fields in a Pivot Table are evaluated at the aggregate level, not the record or item level.  Please read Zorvek's comments in this EE Question that I believe will help you understand how the calculated fields work with Pivot Tables.
In the attached file I added a field to your data area and then added the new field to the pivot table.   This provides the results you are looking for.


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JasonScarbroughAuthor Commented:
Thank you ProdOps.  I thought adding another field to the source data is what I would have to do, but I thought I'd check with the experts to see if there was another solution by which I wouldn't.
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