User can't see "Send Update" button in Outlook calendar

A user is trying to change the date and time of an outlook calendar event. She was invited and has accepted the invitation to the recurring event. She doesn't see any button saying "Send Update," instead, she sees buttons saying "Propose New Time" and "Accept." Another user who's not an invitee to the event can see the send update button inside her outlook, for this event. This is for outlook 2003, exchange 2003 and windows xp.
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pcorbettConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Only the meeting organizer (person who sent the invitation) will see "Send updates".  When you say another user sees that option but they're not invited... are they the organizer of the meeting?  If not, whose calendar are they looking at when they open the appointment?  Maybe they have permissions on the organizer's calendar and they have opened it there?
bobox00Author Commented:
How can I give her rights to see the send update button?
You could give her delegate rights to the meeting organizers' calendar.  You most normal way to do this is to have the meeting organizer login to their mailbox via Outlook.  Then, they go to Tools>Options>Delegates tab.  They can then add in this person you want to be able to edit (send updates) the calendar item.  Then the delegate would open Outlook and then open the meeting organizer's folder (File>Open Other User's Folder, put name in and select Calendar).  Then she would open the meeting in question on the organizer's calendar (not on her own calendar), modify it and she should have the option to Send Updates.
bobox00Author Commented:
We were looking at the user's calendar, not the office calendar.
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