Oracle Reports 9i (Report Data is getting displayed from the 2nd page)!! Urgent!!

Hello Everyone,

I had a report, which was displaying the data according to the first screen(which I have attached.) I had to make few modifications in the report to add few fields in the report. And after I did that, it started displaying the data from the 2nd page. Could you guys please help me out in solving this issue.

I want the data to be displayed from the first page itself.
Do I have to put anything like an anchor?

Please help me out.

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Mark GeerlingsConnect With a Mentor Database AdministratorCommented:
I'm not sure what you mean by "data from the 2nd page".  Do you mean that now the report prints an empty first page and the actual data starts only on the 2nd page?

Oracle Reports is a rather complex tool with lots of possible formatting options.  Without being able to see the actual *.rdf file, it is very difficult to guess from a picture of the output exactly what controls the output format that you see.
vishal_singhAuthor Commented:
Yes, I mean that report actually prints an empty first page and actual data starts from second page.

But actually I solved the issue by re-engineering the layout editor.

Thanks for the reply though
vishal_singhAuthor Commented:
vishal_singhAuthor Commented:
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