VB6 printer.mode in vista not setting

We use the MS print dialog control DLL.  But now we have a user of our software who has a Brother MFC-5440CN printer.  The default is set to color and Normal mode.  When we run our software and bring up the Preferences... the colormode is set to Grayscale and Normal mode.  If you just print at that point it comes out as Grayscale but in Fast mode.

If you go back into print and preferences, switch it to color.  It comes out in Color but fastmode.

To get it out of fastmode you have to go into preferences, switch mode to anything and back to Normal and then it "takes" the setting and prints it normally.

We have installed latest firmware for that printer and also re-isntalled the entire Brother printer suite and no change.

Is this an issue with the printer dialog interfacing to 64-bit Vista???

How do we debug this?  We captured the print dialog values which we set to the printer values and colormode is set to 1 for grayscale... and by default the PrinterQuality is set to -1 which is fast... even though dialog "visually" shows "Normal"...

ANy ideas?

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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
I have not had problems doing something similar in Vista64 with HP laserjets or Oce plotter. No changes needed from XP.  Only had problems installing and config x64 drivers on an x32 server for use by x64 clients.

So sounds like a printer driver problem to me. The printer properties dialog / preferences is part of each printer driver in my experience. So that specific printer features can be changed as you are doing.

Is there any updates from Brother available ?

torrid333Author Commented:
We installed the latest drivers and printing software from Brother and it had no effect.
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
to me it looks like you have the workaround. not pretty but it should work for all circumstances.

iPrtQuality = 1

'now set printer properties'
prtprop.PrinterQuality= not(iPrtQuality )    'set to an unwanted value'
prtprop.PrinterQuality=iPrtQuality    'set to desired value'


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torrid333Author Commented:
We just set the printer color mode to 1.  Never did find out WHY it was doing this.
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