How do I get Chart Drill Down to many nested charts working smoothly

I have many sales reports in the form of bar charts (ex. sales by year, sales by month, sales by day, sales by hour) .  I want to also allow drilll down between them.  For example, If I am on the sales by month chart I want to click the bar and get the sales by day chart with sales by day for the month I clicked on.  Further I want to then click on a day in that chart and get the sales by hour chart for all the hours in the day I clicked on.  I have this working.  What I do is use groups and summaries and create a subreport (hidden) in each of these charts to the one below it .  

What my problem is is that when I click on the bar in the sales by month chart I get the sales by day chart with no drilldown capabilities.  I have to double click this chart which opens an identical chart that has the drill down capabilities.  I don't want to see two of this sales by day chart before I can get to the sales by hour chart.  I want to go from one chart to the next with just one double click.

How can I do this in Crystal Reports 2008?  Is there an option for subreports for this?  I am pretty new to Crystal Reports.
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe that is the way it works and you can't get around it.

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