How do I set certain folder access permissions if all users on the domain are administrators?

All the users on our domain are administrators and I only want to give 2 people rights to view this one folder. How do i set the permissions for the network folder so that only they can view the folder? We are using server 2008 and the users are using XP
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Shift-3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If they are in the Domain Admins group then there is no effective way to deny them permission to anything.  They can undo anything you do to obstruct them.  The only solution would be to remove them from the Domain Admins group and selectively grant them back the rights they need to do their jobs.
 If they are just local administrators on their machines then you should be able to set NTFS permissions on a directory hosted on a different machine with no problem.
jrome3Author Commented:
Everyone is domain admins, would i have to reset everyone in order to apply permissions effectively?
Yes, you would have to remove all the users you wish to restrict from the Domain Admins group, put them in new groups based on their job functions, and then delegate authority to those groups as needed.
jrome3Author Commented:
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