Backup Exec Server Migrate To New Domain

Our domain is joining with our corporate domain and I am putting the plans together to migrate our servers.  I've already built the DC for the new domain on our LAN and have migrated over a few simple servers.

The server name will not change and the server IP will not change - will just be on a new domain while still servicing the servers on the old domain until they are migrated over one by one (trusts are already in place).

In regards to migrating a Backup Exec server from one domain to another:

Has anyone done this before?  
Any advise or an old project plan handy?
Are there any buexec domain dependancies that I should research?
Obviously, there will be a change in the Backup Exec service accounts but I'm wondering what other pit falls I may be missing.

Any advise on this would be appreciated.

2003 SP2 Standard
Backup Exec 9.1


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