How to Block BlackBerry BIS from OWA

We are running Exchange 2003 and would like to block users with personal BlackBerrys from downloading their email on to their devices. I believe the ultimate fix will be to block the BIS by IP in the firewall but in the short tern we would like to block a few individuals currently using this access. I tried in AD under their personal settings to disable the Protocol Outlook Web Access under Exchange Features. This locks the user out of OWA access through a browser but doesnt stop the BIS from connecting and pulling down their mail. I can see the BIS getting in through OWA in the logs and we are not running POP and IMAP and.

Does anyone know if it is normal behavior for the BIS to get around this OWA disabled security setting and if so how it is doing it? Thanks

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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
After disabling OWA I can confirm that the BIS service is still able to collect email.
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
I have just setup a test BIS account on my server and I will disable OWA for my account and see what happens.  I will post back later.
pcadoganAuthor Commented:
Great, I just needed to confirm that this was not just an issue on our server. Im not sure how they are able to get around this setting but now that I know this is normal I can move forward and block the BIS at the firewall. Thanks for your help.

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