Batch Script email on success or failure

I'm stuck trying to get the script below to send the email on success or failure. It works otherwise. When the script runs it throws the following error for the send mail portion only. Any help with this would be appreciated.

0 1242930762 2 0 0 4556 4972 0 smtpmail 2 %s 1 0 48 protocol failure; got 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address

rem @echo off

REM This script should be run on the Networker server.


set DESTPOOL="Backup Clone"
set DAILY1="Daily Backup Clone"
set LOG=daily_clone.log

echo Cloning started at %DATE% %TIME% >> %LOG%

nsrclone -b %DESTPOOL% -s %SERVER% -y month -w month -S -g %DAILY1% -e now -C 1 >> %LOG% 2>&1
    echo ERROR: Cloning of %DAILY1% terminated with errors %DATE% %TIME% >> %LOG%
    smtpmail -h %MAILSERVER% -s "ERROR: Cloning of %DAILY1% terminated with errors" -f Networker %RECIEPENTS% < %LOG%
) else (
   smtpmail -h %MAILSERVER% -s "Cloning of %DAILY1% Completed Succesfully" -f "Networker" %RECIEPENTS%

    del %LOG%.09
    move %LOG%.08 %LOG%.09
    move %LOG%.07 %LOG%.08
    move %LOG%.06 %LOG%.07
    move %LOG%.05 %LOG%.06
    move %LOG%.04 %LOG%.05
    move %LOG%.03 %LOG%.04
    move %LOG%.02 %LOG%.03
    move %LOG%.01 %LOG%.02
    move %LOG%.00 %LOG%.01
    move %LOG% %LOG%.00
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It would seem that your feeding it an invalid recipient.  Have you run the mail command outside the script?  Or considered using BLAT instead (I'm not familiar with SMTPMAIL.
scobb13Author Commented:
Yes. It works if it is run outside the script.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
And since you've commented out echo off, what does the line display when it runs in the script?  Copy and paste it to another window and run it from there.
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scobb13Author Commented:
Does the same thing. I think it may have something to do with the " around the "DAILY1" variable.
you put quotes around "networker" in the second smtpmail (success) call, but not the first (failure) call?
scobb13Author Commented:
Quotes around networker didn't change anything. I'm pretty sure it's the quotes pulling to the variables into the mail subject.
scobb13Author Commented:
was the quotes from the set command.

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