Warning: DNS Server: [computername] IP: <Unavailable> Failure:Missing glue A record

Ran a dcdiag /c /f:dcdiag.log and received the following warnings.

DC: sc.mydomain.corp
Domain: mydomain.corp                  
TEST: Delegations (Del)
Warning: DNS server: dc1.sub.mydomain.corp. IP: <Unavailable> Failure:Missing glue A record
Warning: DNS server: dc2.sub.mydomain.corp. IP: <Unavailable> Failure:Missing glue A record
Warning: DNS server: dc4.sub.mydomain.corp. IP: <Unavailable> Failure:Missing glue A record
Warning: DNS server: exdc1.sub.mydomain.corp. IP: <Unavailable> Failure:Missing glue A record

sc.mydomain.corp is my root domain controller
dc1, dc2,dc4, exdc1.sub.mydomain.corp are DCs in a subdomain.

I verified that each DC can resolve each other.
I ran dnslint /ad /s localhost and it stated there were no glue records missing

Ran the same dcdiag command on the other root DC and got the same errors. Ran the same dcdiag command on the DCs it stated were missing glue A records and it returned no errors

I see in TechNet, that error means The configured delegation is missing glue A record. It does not state how this occurs or how to resolve it. (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc776854.aspx)

Curious what else I could check that could be causing these errors, or warnings. Have seen other posts here about a DC that had been deleted. This is not the case as all these DCs are active.
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Chris DentConnect With a Mentor PowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Find the Delegation in the parent zone, then open it's Properties. If  the Name Servers have IP addresses listed with IPAddress* then they are resolved separately instead of Glue being present.

You can fix it in the GUI by removing the Name Server and re-adding it, providing the IP address should add it back without the *.

Or you can use DNSCMD to fix it like:

DNSCMD /RecordAdd mydomain.corp dc1.sub.mydomain.corp. A <IPAddress>

Note the trailing "." on the dc1 name, you must maintain that or it will add a record relative to the mydomain.corp zone which is really really unhelpful.


strausyAuthor Commented:
Fixing the entries in the delegation worked. The entries were there, they just has an asterisk next to them. Removing the record and re-adding them resolved the isse.

The below commands also work when done on the DCs without proper glue records (taken from http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Microsoft_Operating_Systems/Q_24313463.html).

Stop the netlogon and the DNS service (at cmd prompt type net stop netlogon and net stop dns)

Go to %systemroot%\system32\config folder and then delete the netlogon.dns and netlogon.dnb files

Restart DNS and netlogon

Run netdiag /fix

My comments:
Then wait for replication and do a dcdiag /test:dns /dnsdelegation
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