Complications installing IIS

Trying to install this component with and FrontPage extensions on Server 2003 VM fully updated and patched.  

Rolling along, it prompts for some files from the i386 folder.  Luckily, I copy this to C: drive on every server we build.  I say ok, point to my C:\i386 folder and it finds the first file no problem.  Then it pops up again "Cannot copy this file..."  I look around some of the subdirectories under i386, and see nothing.  I do a desktop search of my C:\i386 folder and it finds the files under a .CAB.  Why is the Add/Remove utility not opening / seeing the contents of this cab folder?  How can I make it so.  The files sought are:


I skipped these files and the component installed and seems to be running, what functionality can I expect to suffer without these files?  
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moransaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I installed the FPSE on a physical machine. The file that it prompts for is the same CAB file that contains the missing exe's and dll's from the VM attempt.

I found some others on VMware communities with this same issue(;jsessionid=D56F881810CD92EC4F6DCA42EDCAD745), but still no resolution, or idea why this is happening.  
moransaAuthor Commented:
Re installed without FrontPage extensions, I got past it without complications.  Anyone know if this is related to a SP level, or how I can get FrontPage extensions to work on this?  
>> Anyone know if this is related to a SP level, or how I can get FrontPage extensions to work on this?  

sounds like you are following the right procedure.  if you have an original CD, map that to your guest OS rather than copying the i386 directory.  You could also try downloading the latest win2K3 cd from msdn as an iso image, then mapping that to the cd drive of your VM.

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