benefits/downsides of using jquery for json parsing

i would like to know if there are ramifications of using jquery (javascript library) to parse json, when related to search engine optimization. i have a business listing search model being sent in json which i would like to call via jquery.

are the results still going to be spidered and collected properly for search engines? i did not think so because most search engine spiders do not parse javascript (or do they?). i need the results of the json call to be indexed correctly by search engines. any comments/recommendations are desired.
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alien109Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm assuming you are getting the results back, and then displaying them on the page somehow?

Regardless, even if you were, search engines are not going to give you rankings, or index that page for the content that is generated dynamically on the client side through javascript.

There's no way that a search engine would crawl the page, execute every javascript function defined, and index the output. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they don't work that way.

I would suggest doing the json call, and html output on the server with php, asp, jsp, perl, or whatever other server side scripting language you have at your disposal. That would at least give you a chance that the content will be indexed.
smueller72Author Commented:
That's what I was leading to believe -- thank you for verifying.
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