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I need to add find, find-next and replace(all) capability to a textarea. There are dozens of javascript rich text and/or HTML editors out there but I need a very simple javascript only textarea editor for plain text. I have a limited mainframe environment, so I don't have ASP, PHP or server side anything. I could probably spend hours and hours brute-force developing the code, but I was hoping someone had aleady been down this path before.
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sam2912Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, kindly take a look at my script:

This and other scripts that I have done before at:
TeggertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may also check out the current industry standards for this sort of thing. Neither are server side. Both are strictly HTML/JS.

I highly recommend FCKEditor. It has everything you're looking for right out of the box and is easy to configure if you read the documentation. It's really a breeze to set up and then you can tweak it quite extensively.
wesrAuthor Commented:
I ended up coming up with something of my own using information from both answers. Thanks!
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