graphics tablet other than wacom?

Can anyone recommend one or two graphics tablets other than Wacom in a 12x9 or so size?

I love the Wacom's, but they're just too expensive.  I don't need fancy features, I use it mainly as a pressure-sensitive mouse.  I don't need the function keys.

 I mainly need:
1) solid device drivers so it doesn't crash or hang or get sluggish
2) pen with extra button as some modifier (for me it's a right-click).
3) smooth pen operation

Do people have experience with VisTablet or some of the others?  I need to stay below $200.


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I've been using an Aiptek Hyperpen 8000U tablet for a couple of years. It has the features you describe (I've used it on machines with Win2k and XP, have not tested under Vista). I've been pretty happy with it, especially at the price.


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ugebAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.

Does anybody else use another type of tablet??  Good or bad reviews??

well, although you didn't ask for it... wacom, LOL. Remember, you get what you pay for. Amazon / Ebay / Price comparison websites are you friend.

But since that doesn't help.. I'm using a wacom tablet (steel blue). They don't make them anymore, but I bet you can find one on amazon or ebay in working order for nothing. I've had mine for 4 years and paid 75 for it. Model: ET-0405A-U   it's a 4x6 ( ouch ) I would recommend getting at least an 8x10, or whatever comes about that size. Anything bigger is a waste in my opinion. It has a double click pen. I got a new pen for mine... you can get a pad, then upgrade the pen.. make sure you get one that's compatible though. You don't always have to buy new. Find a good used one to save money, then you can get what you want... right?

( just a suggestion so you don't pass up a good pad just because of the pen... you can always upgrade the pen)
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ugebAuthor Commented:
Had already been looking at ebay, but was hoping I could get good feedback on other brands.  I guess right now Wacom is really the best brand based on feedback (and seeing the other brands at Fry's). Thanks for the input!
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