Cisco 2800 can reach internet, but clients on switch cannot?

Hey all,

 I've got an issue here which is kind of confusing me. I have a Cisco 2800 router @ one of my remote sites which has an ethernet hand off from our ISP. Basically I've configured the router correctly from what I can tell, I can ping or, any internet address and appear to have internet connectivity from the router itself. However, the client PC's on the switch cannot reach the internet. They can ping the outside address I've configured on FastEthernet0/1 but that's it. I've attached my config, hoping someone can shed some light on my situation?

Thanks in advance!
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:

access-list 1 permit any
ip nat inside source list 1 int f0/0 overload
int f0/0
 ip nat inside
int f0/1
 ip nat outside

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I do not see any NAT configuration within your config. You would need to nat your local subnet to the outside IP of the 2800.
agiitAuthor Commented:
I just realized I didn't specify a NAT on the router, le sigh. Can someone assist with the proper config for a NATfrom the internal LAN (FastEthernet0/0) (10.200.5.x)  to the outside IP already configured on FastEthernet0/1?
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