Ubuntu install

I would like to install Ubuntu on my virtual machine for learning purposes.
I have read that if I install the Desktop version, I will have to install manually other services APACHE,  DNS,DHCP,etc...
If I Install the Server version, I will not have the GUI.

I am not sure if those statements are true.

Can someone recommends which version to install in a virtual machine (vmnware installed in my XP).?
And which version is geared to learn Linux System Administration (Desktop  or Server), Thinking Windows, if you wanna learn system administration you need to play with a server.

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Ubuntu Linux Desktop is not shipped with all the typical server apps (db, webservers, etc..), but they are available in repositories and you can install them with synaptic/aptitute/apt-get.

Ubuntu Server has no GUI (you don't need it in a serious server environment, which you interact with most of times via ssh), but you can install it in the same way you would install an application: just look for the desktop package (aptitute search|install ubuntu-desktop) and there you go.

But I don't recommend Ubuntu as a server as it's not worthy. Go directly for a pure Debian environment (which is Ubuntu's parent)

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