Setting Up Blackberry With Exchange Account

Hello all,

I have a small office with 5 users that utilize a 2003 SBS with exchange. Now we are setting up the blackberry and need to know what the Email server is. Also is the e-mail password the users logon password?  Is there a spot to find this info in exchage manager?
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When setting up a Blackberry server on an SBS server then the Exchange server is the SBS server. So your exchange server name should be the name of your SBS server.

As far as login ID and passwords, I'm assuming you mean the installation account for the BES software. Best practice is to install BES with an e-mail enabled account called BESAdmin (case not important that's just me being AR) and assign it permissions to send as your users in your AD.

The reccomended steps are:
  1. On the messaging server, on the taskbar, click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Exchange > Active Directory Users
    and Computers.
  2. Right-click the domain name.
  3. In the Builtin folder, double-click Administrators.
  4. On the Members tab, click Add.
  5. Create an account with the following properties:
    • Name: besadmin
    • Email address: create a Microsoft Exchange mailbox
    • Group membership: Domain User (not Domain Administrator)
    • Password: set to Never expire
  6. Assign this account the Send As permission for all user accounts in the User container of your organization's Microsoft Active Directory domain. For more information about the Send As permission, visit to read article KB04707. For more information about assigning the Send As permission for multiple user accounts, visit to
    read article KB912918.
  7. Send a test message to activate the new mailbox.
Blackberry has the full document on their site at: wich should help you find your way.
There are also some CDO objects which you may need to install which you can get the details form Blackberrys site as well.
The other main point is you will need to install a SQL database if you are not running SBS Premium.
Hope that helps.
If you are using SBS, then that server should be your exchange server.  Use the name that you have given the SBS server.  The login will be the same userid and password your users use to log into their computers.
mburke3434Author Commented:
We arent installing blackberry server for one person. He uses an exchange box. verizon states it should be easy and we are getting denied at the email I was trying (Network solutions was what we used until a few months ago) but after reading your submission I am now using servername.domain ?

Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Did you configure Outlook for Web Access in the CEICW on SBS?  I do this same thing with my SBS and a smartphone.
mburke3434Author Commented:
I did not setup server but I checked router and no ports accept 25 and 3389 are forward so I am guessing no. what does the setup of outlook web access require?
Basically it requires you to have ports opened on your firewall to allow the traffic through. You will need port 80 for HTTP but it is reccomended that you set up your website as a secure site and open port 443 on your firewall. Outlook Web Access (OWA) is installed by default with Exchange so it's just a matter of opening up the correct ports on your firewall and generating a certificate on your server if you don't need it to be verified by a certificate authority. you will also need to tell IIS to only accept secure connections once you have the certificate applied.

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