Configure ASA5500 to allow Window XP clients to create VPN connection

I have a ASA 5500 which workstations can remotely connect into using the Cisco VPN client software. These connect well

I want to be able for this to work by using the VPN connection wizard on Windows XP without installing the client software.

I cannot connect using the XP wizard - I am probably doing something obviusly wrong. Any ideas / hints?

If it helps the entries in the Cisco VPN clinet are:-

Host - Ip address of Asa

Name :- Users
Password:- abc123
 Tranport Ip over UDP

I then have to enter username and password once connected to Asa.

Perhaps I am simply entering the wrong details in the Xp wizard
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ksims1129Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I dont know what version of the ASA software you are running but this may help you if not paste some config of the VPN information from your pix to see if i can help you out.

Hope this helps
ASA doesn't support any of the protocols that XP Wizard supports.  If you need clientless VPN, configure SSL VPN on the ASA.
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