zmanda backup always reports errors

I have installed Amanda backup with Zmanda on RHEL
RHEL is running on an HP server with an external Storage Works Ultrium 448
When I first installed the software last summer backups of around 80GB completed successfully and 'green' flags appeared in the summary report. Later I added data from directories mapped on a windows server and a 40Gb backup from an Exchange server (copied using a scheduled command to a directory on the Samba share). I did not notice for a while, but then realised the backups were not completing as there was insufficient work space. I had allocated 100Gb. (Total disk capacity 250Gb of which 100Gb is data and Linux) I moved the Exchange copy to another server, dropped the Windows directories and deleted Amanda workfiles.
Now I still get consistent failures as follows
Output size 91026 Mb (about right)
Tape time 0.34 hours
Tape size 45513 Mb
Tape used% 11.3
Ave tape write rate 22586
Failure summary /datastore lev 0 Failed [/bin/tar exited with status 2 /datastore lev 0 Partial taper
I can't work out whether or not everything is being backed up.
The output size is quite consistent over the last month, around 88-91Gb which is probably correct. A tape size half that makes me suspiciious because 2:1 compression is rarely achieved in my experience - it looks like a prediction rather than reality
How can I get around the problem of the workspace size. I really should include the 40Gb copied from the Exchange server as well, but I need to be confident the backup is actually working.
I have not attempted to restore, I just hope if the situation arises the data is actually on the tape.
I am disappointed. Amanda was recommended quite highly to me but I have found it very difficult to understand what it is actually doing, particularly as I only visit the customer when they have a problem. I use remote desktop to a Windows server and then SSH to the Linux box to check the backups. The logs I looked at seemed to indicate the backups were working. I went in today for the first time in a month or so and discovered that the GUI display showed nothing but Red flags!
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peter_lawrieConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have contacted Zmanda and am in process of fixing the problem.
The question can be closed.
I don't know if this could help, but tar exit status 2 most probably means "No such file or directory" .
Perhaps a hint where to start investigating!

Good luck!


zrecoverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like  you are using the enterprise version of Amanda, I would recommend contacting Zmanda Support (via Zmanda Network: There is very likely more information in the logs as well that will help.

woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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