Joomla! Google 403 Re-direct .htaccess >> error page from Google


I use Joomla!

From google if you happen to find a link to my site to a registered page it redirects you to a 403 page.

Also, I notice in google that my URLs are: https (secure) but I have set in Joomla! that all HTTPS set to ignore on all menu items.  Why is google picking up https?

I am trying to set a redirect in my htaccess if someone clicks my link in google that is a registered only page, that it sends them to the home page.

Take a look:

The Old Country Gift Shop
WOW Network is building a stronger and better community for Toronto and the surrounding GTA.

/\ The above takes users to a 403 error page.  I don't want error pages at all, I would rather that all 403 and 404 be transferred to my *.php/index

Any suggestions?
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I think it could be that google indexed these pages before you edited the robots text. If this is the case it takes some time for google to drop these links form its index - although it eventually will do so if they end up on an error page.

Are you sure you want all 403 error pages to redirect to root?
Are you using .htaccess and mod rewrite?

If so you could put a redirect in there. But then whenever visitors to yoru site try to access a restricted area - they will end up at the home page - and my not understand why, etc.
wownetworkAuthor Commented:
Well, you are right.  It is a broken link.  But, why is it https?  I am searching a lot of my links and finding them in GOOGLE as https?  None should be https >> what are some ways I can look into this to try to fix?  I do have an SSL certificate but I am not using it presently, I do have an https folder in my domain folders...  I have set all my Menu items to SSL off.

OK to find all broken links - you could user webmaster tools - a  google application - are you using this?

I think the https:// pages may have been indexed before you "I have set in Joomla! that all HTTPS set to ignore on all menu items" - is this possible?

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wownetworkAuthor Commented:
No actually I wasn't using that but have just added it thanks!

The weird thing is google has indexed recent pages that for sure don't use https.  It just seems every page in my site except for my home page is being indexed as https.

Thanks BTW for the webmaster tools!  Here are the results:

Errors for URLs in Sitemaps 0 --
HTTP errors 0 --
Not found 0 --
URLs not followed 0 --
URLs restricted by robots.txt 0 --
URLs timed out 0 --
Unreachable URLs 0
wownetworkAuthor Commented:
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