Line Spacing and Font stability

I have documents with many 'pasted', then, formatted, insertions in them.

The vertical line spacing seems to change randomly, and at will.   On "Page Layout", "Spacing",
in the lower 'vertical' spacing box....the spacing that I will have set on 'zero' will 'just change' to '12'...necessitating manually re-setting each line, thereafter.  

Likewise on the same type of document page, on "HOME", the font size, font type, will 'just randomly change necessitating a manual reset.   Again, "HOME" page...on the indicated color of the font, it may be 'showing to be black', but print 'red', or vice versa???
This must also be manually reset.

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Brian WithunCommented:
I would guess that your documents have a variety of styles in use, and many one-off styles.

If you have one paragraph as "Normal" and the next paragraph as "Normal + Left Indent 0.25" and then you adjust the first paragraph to have a smaller font, the second paragraph will also get that smaller font, because it is based on the first and inherits everything except that left indentation.

Go through your document and try to limit the number of one-off styles in use.  Word 2003 has a style "side pane" which can show: "Available Formatting", "Formatting In Use", "Available Styles", and "All Styles"

If Word2007 has a similar feature, become familiar with it.  When viewing "Styles In use" you will see the variety of styles you're dealing with.  Try to consolidate onto just a necessary few styles.  A good document can be created with just a few styles and a sprinkling of one-off styles.

In the attached image, notice that I have a style of "Arial, 10pt, Bold" and another style of "Arial, 10pt, Bold, Before: 36pt, Afte"  Those two styles could probably be consolidated into a single style and use some blank lines before and after it instead of allowing a whole new style with "Before" and "After" space to exist.


Brian Herbert Withun

-- as another thought... are some of these fonts and texts pasted from a website?  Could you have some HTML embedded in your page?  I'm not sure how you'd go about detecting this, but if it's true you may have CSS/HTML issues to sort out.


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