Where are emails stored in MACOSX?

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I have a question. I am trying to find where emails are stored in MACOSX? What file or files on the HD are where emails are stored? In Windows if the user is using Outlook they would be stored in a PST file or OST file. what files are equivalent in MACOSX if using MACOSX mail application or Entourage. Where would these files reside on the HD. How can I view emails in these files using a PC. Thanks.
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Look in HardDrive\Users|Username\Library\Mail
Depends on which application. Apple's Mail is located where strung states, however, Entourage is located at /Users/username/Documents/Microsoft Office 2008 Identities/Main Identity/database.

You can see individual files for Apple's Mail. You can't for Entourage, all the email is contained within the individual database file.

The easiest method for viewing emails (or transferring them) to the Windows platform would be to use IMAP to copy the emails back up to the email server and then connect to the email account on the Windows email program to download them.

There are other utilities to do conversions for you (Transcend comes to mind) and you can try exporting or importing, but it gets difficult when dealing with carriage returns and line feeds between the platforms (CR/LF). You usually would need to use a CR/LF converter.

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